What Kinds Of Businesses Do I Typically Work With?

My clients include a wide range of retailers, manufacturers, doctors, service companies, schools, home offices and non-profit companies.

• My specialty is providing IT support for businesses who want someone very good and very reliable but yet aren’t quite large enough to require their own full time on-staff IT person.  I work for you on a part time basis or on an as needed basis depending on your needs.

• Most of my clients are family owned and operated corporations. They might have as few as 3 computers or as many as 50 computers. Those computers are sometimes networked with a server. Smaller companies don’t always use a server.

• Even though most of my clients are family owned businesses, I do have a number of clients that are much larger companies with their own IT person on staff. They hire me as an outsourced contractor to do certain kinds of work or repairs for them.

• I have local non-profit companies even schools as clients.

• I have some customers who work out of their homes as self-employed business people, regional managers or area sales representatives. They need someone to maintain their computers so that they can keep their business running. I do pretty much whatever they need.

What about personal computers in people’s homes?
I will work on personal computers belonging to the owners and employees of the companies that are my clients. So, yes I will work on them in that situation.  I specialize in helping businesses though.

Are There Any Kinds of Businesses That I Won’t Work For?
Sometimes businesses want to hire me who are outside of my coverage area. I often turn them down because I am afraid I won’t be able to give them good service. It is important to me that I do not let my clients down. Those people count on me and I take that responsibility seriously.

Because of this, I no longer take on clients in Southern Erie County or Niagara County.

I have also interviewed with some potential clients that didn’t feel like they would be a good fit for what I offer.   In those cases, I will turn the work down.

If I sound like the kind of guy you want to be part of your team, please contact me to get the ball rolling.  We can setup a meeting to go over things in more detail.  My rates are very reasonable and affordable enough for any size company.

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